A beloved South Korean home and living appliance brand, with a dominant international presence, Cuckoo set its sight in Australia as its next undiscovered frontier. Cuckoo Oceania was established in June 2020 and has grown into a high functioning Oceania enterprise with Australia Headquarters located in Melbourne. Cuckoo Oceania is specialized in its kitchen appliances and is continuing on the path of innovation with Cuckoo’s revolutionary water and air care systems. This is the first of many products designed for the homes of our beloved Cuckoo family.


Founded in 1978 under the name Sungkwang Electronics

Customer satisfaction, innovation, and premium quality have always been our top priorities. Over 40 years and one rebranding later, we remain dedicated to those same core values in order to provide the best home and kitchen products to customers like you around the globe.

In 1998, Sungkwang was dubbed CUCKOO Electronics and the brand was reintroduced to the people of Korea with an impressive new line of innovative rice cookers that quickly resulted in CUCKOO being named the #1 rice cooker brand in South Korea.

Since then, CUCKOO has led the Korean domestic market with a brand reputable in creative technology, unique design, and high quality. In recent years, we’ve had the opportunity to begin significantly expanding our borders beyond Korea—opening offices in China, Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and amongst the most recent: the United States!

Our Values

CUCKOO has developed revolutionary product offerings dedicated to creating a conveniently healthy home, ranging from bidets to small kitchen appliances and everything in between. During the product development process, we focus on three components that can be thought of as the basis for everyday needs we have as humans: Healthy Food Fresh Air Clean Water While some companies attempt to offer budget products at the lowest possible price, we strive to offer you quality products of the best possible VALUE. How do we provide you with value? With durable, long-lasting products made with integrity and premium-quality materials so that you can pass them down to generations to come. When you make a purchase from CUCKOO, you can always rest easy knowing that we have you and your family’s health, convenience and safety in mind.


With rice being a staplein many different cultures’ diets,

Our extensive line of rice cookers are essential for creating nutritious, delicious meals for you and your loved ones. The versatility of our cookers bring convenience in the way of freeing up your coveted countertop space—one compact do-it-all appliance can potentially take the place of up to 8 other kitchen appliances: a bread maker, yogurt maker, slow cooker, food steamer, pressure cooker, sauté pan, food warmer and even sous vide!Although rice cookers are our bread and butter, we also offer a wide selection of other kitchen products including induction cooktops, blenders, water electric kettles, cookware, countertop dishwashers and so much more! With CUCKOO’s renowned sophisticated yet convenient designs and just a touch of modern flare, all of our kitchen products are guaranteed to be a showstopper on your countertop. However, you'll never need to sacrifice functionality for sleek, modern designs—because great cooking takes great tools.


CUCKOO offers an array of products to promote and guarantee both of these aspects in water purifiers, air purifiers, bidets, and filtered shower heads to name a few! Not only do these products have simple installation, maintenance, and operation, but they will upgrade the look, feel, and functionality of your unique home.

Air purification in South Korea is a necessity of utmost importance as the air quality is amongst the most dangerous in the world. With company experience and advanced technology under our belt, we’re the first to bring the most effective and efficient South Korean air purification practices into the homes of thousands of health-conscious Americans.

With our water purification products, enjoy industry-leading design, advanced filtration and unmatched service that is synonymous with the CUCKOO brand. Leave the stresses to us as you and your family drink from an all-but-unlimited supply of electrolyte-rich, great tasting hot and cold water with ease.